Possible Side Effects Include Literally Anything Bad You Can Think Of

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

The commercial was for a heart medication. Based on the commercial, this drug is specifically formulated and created to allow for trips to greenhouses followed by researching flowers in a book, all while grinning like a complete lunatic.

As the footage rolled of this old man gesturing to a picture of a flower while smiling at the woman who was either his daughter or age-inappropriate wife, a voice popped up over the soft music in the background:

“Please let your doctor know if you have certain conditions as this may result in an increased risk of bleeding. While on (insert drug name here), please refrain from strenuous activity as bleeding may result. Internal bleeding may occur, so please contact your physician if an increase or drop of blood pressure occurs.”

This continued for the next 15 seconds, using the words bleeding and blood roughly 47 more times. The only way…

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