Cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp currently unavailable for Windows Phone


One of WhatsApp’s(s fb) biggest strengths is that it is available on nearly every major mobile platform: messaging services work better when you know the people you correspond with can install the app in the first place. That’s why it’s important to note that WhatsApp is not currently available on Windows Phone(s msft).

While the app had previously been available for Windows Phone, last Friday the download link on the Windows Phone Store was removed and replaced with the message “This app is no longer published.” The good news for the roughly 50 million Windows Phone users worldwide is those with the app already installed can still send and receive messages.

WhatsApp had not been officially updated for Windows Phone since January, and while its beta channel received regular updates, the app had major difficulties on the Windows Phone 8.1 beta. WhatsApp users running the operating system preview had…

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