DataPad, an analytics startup for SMBs, launches with $1.7M in seed funding


A San Francisco-based startup called DataPad launched on Tuesday, promising cheap, easy analytics and beautiful charts for small businesses and individuals. The company has raised $1.7 million in seed funding from a number of big-name investors, including Accel Partners (which led the round), Google Ventures, a16z Seed Fund, SV Angel, Ludlow Ventures, Jeff Hammerbacher, Tom Pinckney and Waikit Lau.

In its present state, DataPad has some good things going for it. Its collaboration features could be useful, and it is really easy to get started with and drill down into charts. Users can upload their own files or connect to cloud services (Salesforce, Mailchimp and Marketo, for example) or databases. However, DataPad is only in private beta, so there are some usability issues that still need to be ironed out.

The company’s founders, CEO Wes KcKinney and CTO Chang She, created the Pandas data analytics library for Python.


DataPad joins a growing number of startups…

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